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Benefits of Laminate Flooring
Why you should choose laminates for your home?

For the modern homeowner and active families, laminated flooring is fast becoming the number one choice of floor coverings.
With its great characteristics for not harbouring dust, laminated floors are the number one choice for many people with allergies and ailments like asthma.The after care that laminate flooring requires is very little and extremely simple. Cleaning laminate flooring, if carried out regularly, can keep your floor looking like new for many years to come.
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Wholesalers & Installers of Laminate Flooring


Laminate Flooring Johannesburg

Laminate flooring has become the popular flooring choice for homeowners and interior designers. The popularity of this flooring solution is flourishing due to its aesthetic and practical appeal. Laminate flooring is not only easy to maintain, it can easily transform a space into an inviting and stylish sanctuary. The Mat Floors team has an unparalleled knowledge of the laminate flooring industry and will provide you with a personalised service, ensuring you receive the best end-results. We offer comprehensive services and are able to manufacture and install the ideal laminate flooring for your home or office. The Mat Floors team has the experience and know-how to assist you in choosing the ideal laminate flooring solution to suit your unique vision and style. Another service that we offer is the installation of fashionable and practical blinds. With Mat Floors by your side, your house will soon become your home.

Expert Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

Mat Floors is a leading laminate flooring manufacturer and installer in Johannesburg, South Africa. As innovative flooring experts, our quality workmanship and professional service has set us apart as leaders in the industry. Mat Floors comes from humble beginnings and since our inception we have flourished. We have rapidly grown to become the most sought after laminate flooring wholesalers and installers in Johannesburg. The Mat Floors team is made up of a group of driven individuals, all of whom have great experience in the laminate flooring industry.

As direct importers, our customers will receive products of the highest standards at the most affordable rates. Client satisfaction is the key to our success and we will always go the extra mile to ensure our clients receive the best end results. It is our goal to leave a lasting impression and over the years we are proud to have developed long lasting relationships with our clients. We look forward to continually growing our services and providing our clients with exceptional and memorable service.

The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a fashionable and popular flooring solution with a wear resistant and decorative surface. This flooring solution is made of resin based melamine and is bonded to a wood based core that is water resistant. Due to the fact that the resin filled wear layer is dense, it makes the laminate flooring difficult to stain or scratch. Laminate flooring is also simple to clean and maintain as opposed to that of traditional wooden flooring. Another reason for the surge in laminate flooring popularity is the fact that it is suitable for any space and can be made to suit any individual style. The benefits of this flooring solution is what has made it a popular choice amongst home owners and interior designers alike.

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