Affordable Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Affordable Laminate Flooring

Purchase Affordable Laminate Flooring Today
When looking for affordable laminate flooring it is advised that you seek out the services of wholesale flooring suppliers. This will ensure that you have access to the best priced flooring on the market. Mat Floors is just one such supplier based in Gauteng. With the help of this team you can have the flooring in your home looking fantastic in no time at all.
Mat Floors provides a range of affordable laminate flooring that can be installed privately or with the help of a professional installation team. Their flooring is created from high density fibreboard which is laminated with a clear photographic surface. This surface can perfectly imitate wood or stone and has a protective cover which means it doesn’t burn, scratch or scuff easily. This type of flooring is easily installed as they are inserted at 30 degrees and thereafter easily clip into each other. A rubber or foam backing is installed under the flooring to cushion it and reduce the sound of walking. The rubber option is most popular for noise reduction. Despite its aesthetically pleasing appeal laminate flooring is actually also popular as it is easily cleaned and maintained.
All floors installed by Mat Floors come with a 2 year installation warranty which means if anything happens or the floor starts to warp in anyway, you can simply give the team a call and they will fix it for you. The flooring also comes with a 15 year wear and tear warranty which is confidently backed by the actual supplier. This should give you complete peace of mind that you will be provided with a product that is of world class quality.
Don’t waste time shopping around for flooring that is cheap. Contact Mat Floors and obtain affordable laminate flooring that offers great value for money. Ensure that your home or office is provided with a product that is able to satisfy your household make over needs.

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