Affordable Laminate Floor Prices

laminate flooring

Affordable Laminate Floor Prices

Affordable Laminate Floor Prices And The Best Qualities, Backed Up By Extensive Warranties

Eminently affordable laminate floor prices mean that you can have a beautiful floor in your home too; a floor that looks just like a genuine wooden floor, but at a fraction of the price. Our buying power brings low prices to you, the consumer and so confident are we about offering the best deals that we are willing to not only match a written quotation from a reputable rival, like-for-like, but undercut it by another five percent. You simply will not get a better laminate floor deal anywhere else, so have a look at the flooring options we offer.

Looks Just Like Wood

One of the most important reasons for these affordable laminate floor prices is that no expensive and rare hardwoods are used when a laminate floor is manufactured. The top layer is in actual fact a resin-based melamine and not wood at all – the reason it looks like wood is because high-resolution photographs of wood are printed on this cosmetic layer, producing a floor that looks just like a wooden floor.

This wear layer is extraordinarily tough and virtually impervious to:

  • staining
  • denting
  • scuffing
  • scratching
  • burning

That is also why we have the confidence to guarantee it for between ten and fifteen years.

Cheaper and Better than Wood

So, while affordable laminate floor prices come in well below hardwood floor prices, there are no obvious drawbacks to laminate flooring – just advantages. In fact, there is no reason why you should put up with all the disadvantages of a wood floor if you can have a floor that looks just like it, at a far lower price and without any of these disadvantages:

  • Wood floors resist moisture poorly and are susceptible to swelling and distortion.
  • They are easily damaged.
  • They require special care, wood food and oils.
  • They deplete our natural hardwood resources that are becoming scarcer, which is also why they are so expensive.
  • They take long to install by experts.


Top Quality Floors

We are able to offer the best quality laminate flooring products available on the market today thanks to our years of experience on the local market. Our installations are of the best quality too and we never contract out our installations – we perform them ourselves and guarantee them for one year.

There is a flooring type for any application and while our AC3 product is ideal for residential use, more durable derivatives like AC4 are available for high-traffic areas. Once you have seen our quality and affordable laminate floor prices, you will never look back.
Affordable Laminate Floor Prices

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