Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Laminate Floors

Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Laminate Floors

laminate floors

The installation of laminate floors is a trend that continues to gain ground. Laminate flooring is modern and easy to maintain, making this type of flooring a desirable option for property owners the world over.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about laminate floors:

How do I choose the right laminate floors?
Firstly, think about the location you intend to outfit with laminate floors. Areas with a great deal of foot traffic will require a different classification of laminate flooring than necessary in areas which are quieter. The performance of laminates has been divided into three classifications known as Class 21, Class 22 and Class 23. Each class addresses different needs starting with areas that see only moderate foot traffic; this is the job of Class 21. Class 22 is best suited for normal use and Class 23 belongs in an area that endures heavy use. You should find the classification of the laminate on the packaging.

What is a vapor barrier?
Sometimes called a moisture barrier, a vapor barrier is a synthetic film that is commonly made from polyethylene. As a result these films are often referred to as a PE films. Such films are fitted on mineral subfloors with the goal of limiting permeation of moisture and possible structural

Are laminate floors suitable for bathrooms?
Laminate flooring does not thrive in a damp environment and so it is not ideal for installation in bathrooms.
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