Anticipated Interior Design Trends To Keep a Look Out for in 2015

Anticipated Interior Design Trends To Keep a Look Out for in 2015

laminate flooring

Each passing year tests the longevity of design trends. Which trend will stick it out another year, and which is already old news? There are a few highly anticipated design trends in 2015 that is sure to stick around for a while. This is sure to make them a great investment, as you can keep your home looking modern chic while also getting many years’ service and returns out of your design choices.

There are a few trends from yesteryear that are continuing strong in 2015, such as semi-flat designs, but a few others that attracts great interest from designers and specifiers in South Africa. Let’s take a closer look at some of the trends making waves in the design sector in 2015.

• Laminate flooring – This trend is sure to be popular not only because of the excellent advanced in technology that makes its execution even more sublime, but because it will be around for a while. Laminates have been popular for a while yet, and there is no end to laminate flooring’s preference as an affordable and beautiful flooring solution in South Africa.
• Vertical blinds – These classic window blinds continue to hold its own and its popularity is only set to grow in 2015. Its appeal lies in its modern and stylish finish and the fact that it’s a more affordable alternative for use in both the home and office space.

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