Affordable Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Affordable Laminate Flooring


Our Affordable Laminate Flooring Represents The Best Value You Can Find In Gauteng

Affordable laminate flooring is all the rage in Europe and has taken the South African market by storm too thanks to all its benefits, because cost is definitely not the only benefit of a laminated floor. Of course, cost is an important consideration and it bears mentioning that a laminate floor costs a fraction of the price of a real hardwood floor, without any easily discernible difference to the viewer. However, you will certainly know how much money you had saved, even if your visitors are under the impression that it is an expensive wooden floor!

The Best Laminate Flooring in Gauteng

We offer the best laminate flooring in Gauteng and there are several reasons why you would rather get your laminate floor from us than anyone else:

  • Our laminate flooring installations carry a 1-year warranty.
  • Our laminate floors’ walking surface carries a 15-year warranty.
  • Each colour is supplied with matching, scratch-resistant skirtings.
  • A foam underlay is standard, but you can upgrade to a quieter rubber underlay if you wish.
  • We employ the latest and most advanced, fourth-generation Click System laminate flooring
      This is why we can offer you the best laminate flooring in Gauteng.

      Beautiful yet Tough Walking Surface

      Our affordable laminate flooring’s top cosmetic wear layer and walking surface is really something special and it is made of an immensely tough and highly dense resin-based melamine. Its makeup ensures that is extraordinarily resistant against:

      • scratching
      • denting
      • burning
      • scuffing
      • staining
        In fact, it is far better in this respect than even the best genuine hardwood floor and besides cost, this represents its most compelling advantage. Besides its toughness, this cosmetic layer is also beautiful and looks just like wood, because it is printed with high-quality photographs of real hardwood. It is also impervious to moisture and if a laminate floor is properly sealed, especially along the edges, it can be used in moist environments like bathrooms too – as long as water is mopped away and not allowed to stand.


        The Responsible Choice

        Affordable as laminate flooring is, it is also a very environmentally responsible choice as it uses a lot of recycled waste materials from the wood industry. Wood filings, chips and sawdust are ground and turned into a pulp that, when dried, forms the very dense, moisture-resistant fibre board that makes up the floor’s core. More importantly, no expensive hardwood means no trees are cut down to create your floor.
        It is great to know that your affordable laminate flooring is also a highly responsible choice.

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