The Best DIY Laminate Floors Trends for 2016

The Best DIY Laminate Floors Trends for 2016

DIY laminate floors

As more and more South Africans from all walks of life are looking towards laminate floors for their homes’ flooring, the popularity behind this great product simply continues to soar. One of the most popular trends sweeping through the industry at the moment is DIY laminate floors.

These floors are easy to install without the need for any skilled and professional labour, leaving the homeowner with more money to spend on investing in their home. It is also quick to install, minimising the disruption to the household, and you can have brand new floors the same day you start the installation.

Exciting DIY Laminate Floors Trends

DIY laminate floors come in many different styles, from all the expected types of hardwood flooring you can imagine like pine and oak and many others. Which type you decide on, and which trend you choose to follow is up to you and depends on your specific tastes. Keep in mind that even though you get the look of real hardwood flooring with laminates, it’s not the same feel as real wood.

However, that is where the difference ends. You can have the real look of hardwood in your home, without all the hassle associated with installing it, maintaining it and cleaning it. These floors are also great for anyone who wants to maintain a healthier, cleaner home, since it is resistant to surface dirt and you can clean it with ease.

This also helps those suffering from asthma, hay fever and other respiratory diseases as dirt doesn’t cake onto the floors. For homes with small kids and pets, laminates are also great since spills and other types of accidents can quickly be remedied in no time at all. At Mat Floors, we work hard to provide our clients with the best quality laminate floors available on the market. Speak to us to learn more about DIY laminate flooring, and discover its many incredible benefits.

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