laminate flooring


Benefits of Laminate Flooring
Why you should choose laminates for your home?

For the modern homeowner and active families, laminated flooring is fast becoming the number one choice of floor coverings.
With its great characteristics for not harbouring dust, laminated floors are the number one choice for many people with allergies and ailments like asthma.The after care that laminate flooring requires is very little and extremely simple. Cleaning laminate flooring, if carried out regularly, can keep your floor looking like new for many years to come.
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Installing a blind is a great way to update the look of your home without spending some serious money. They also insulate your room, gives you added privacy and protect your home from the harsh elements of the outdoors. There are numerous choices of blind’s in the market so you will surely find one that fits your home and your budget perfectly.

Just keep in mind that different blinds have different characteristics and benefits so don’t buy just any blind on impulse. You must carefully consider each blind keeping in mind the style of your home and the purpose for which you are installing blinds.


What are blinds?

Window blinds are used as coverings that come with either vertical or horizontal slats. They are added to augment interiors and also for blocking of light, either partially, or completely. They are convenient and generally easy to use and install. They are available in a range of designs, patterns, styles, textures, and sizes. They are quite delicate and add grace and charm to a room. They can be simple yet elegant or exclusively designed.


Got kids or have a big household? Your answer to this question will affect your choice of window covering. As much as you want the most beautiful and elaborate blinds in the market, this is not always possible especially if you have small kids that will play with them, pull the cords and do other harsh things to them. Kids are naturally curious and adventurous and it’s not their fault if they show a little too enthusiasm for the blinds. At this time, it may be best to be practical about your choice of blinds.

Just because you choose to be practical does not mean you’ll end up with the ugliest blinds this side of the planet. Many blinds nowadays feature security and safety features so you are still left with a lot of options. There are various types of blinds in the market, based on the material used such as metal, wood, or PVC blinds. They are also classified based on the type of slats as in horizontal or vertical blinds.

Aluminium Venetian

Venetian Blind
A range of blinds that are very versatile; apart from diffusing the light horizontally, they can retard or enhance the outdoor view into animated strips of colour, with a feel of modern and sleek looks.
Aluminium | Basswood | Plasswood


Vertical Blind
Classic window blinds that have continued to be popular in our present time, remaining substantially cheaper as a modern and stylish blind to use in your home/office space.
Classic Vertical | Verti-Panel


Roller Blind
Without the need of curtains, Get a modern uncluttered look and percolate your light with simple roller blinds, they too are economical.
Fabric Roller | Bamboo Roller


Panel Blind
Lightweight & flexibility with tough quality in a wide range of styles and designs available in fabric and bamboo

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