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Buy Laminate Floors from a Trusted Supplier in Gauteng
You need guidance before you buy laminate floors. Our expert consultants are here to assist. Since we not only supply bulk flooring solutions, but also offer installation at client premises, we have the experience and know-how regarding selection of the most appropriate laminate floors to meet the client’s requirements.
Only buy laminate floors that come with manufacturer backed warranties. We import the laminates and offer clients 15 years warranties on the products. The warranties are backed by the manufactures. When you thus buy laminate floors from us, you know that you will get quality and that the floors will last for years to come.
In addition to the product warranties, we also provide you with a one year installation warranty. We are thus confident that you will be satisfied and are willing to back our confidence with top warranties.
Not only will you get superior quality and workmanship when buying laminates from us, you will also have the benefit of savings. We endeavour to give you 5% discount on any written quote from a respected laminate supplier for the same product and service.
Frequently Asked Questions
Because it is important to make an informed buying decision we have added an FAQ section regarding laminates on our page. Most of your questions are answered and should you have a question that is not answered at the page, simply email or call our consultants for more information.
Carpet Removal
People for instance, often ask whether they can install laminated floors over carpets. The answer is no and carpets and any underlay must be removed before installation. If the carpets are left, you risk moisture entrapment, uneven laminates and inability to handle foot pressure. Laminates must be precisely placed and with carpets underneath such cannot be done.
Porch Installation
Although it would certainly have been great to have such beautiful flooring on your screened patio, the problem lies with temperature and climate control. Laminates are best placed and used in climate controlled areas and we recommend that you rather go with tiles for the screened porch. If the patio is enclosed with an indoor barbeque system as is often the case in the Western Cape, it will not matter.
Our head office is in Gauteng and because we are able to offer not only laminates, but also carpets, blinds, and under floor heating, we should be your first choice when it comes to the supply of laminate floors.
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