Carpet Cleaning Tips for High Traffic Areas

Carpet Cleaning Tips for High Traffic Areas

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The natural path that people take when walking often leaves a dirty trail on carpeting over time. This is especially true for high traffic areas, including the living room, lounge and hallways. There are several great tips for cleaning these areas’ carpets.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular carpet cleaning tips for high traffic areas in your home.

The Dry Cleaning Method
This method is popular because it’s fast, easy and hassle-free. You will need a vacuum and a dry carpet cleaning kit. There is no water used in this method, removing the risk of water damage and mould.

The Foam Method
This is another fast and relatively easy way to quickly clean carpets in high traffic areas. Again, it doesn’t need any water, and all you need is a vacuum machine and a foam carpet cleaner.

The Hand Shampoo Method
This method requires some degree of rubbing, which in turn requires some elbow grease. It is a method using water, to take care not to over wet the carpet. You will need a carpet laundry detergent, spray bottle, water, clean towels and a nail brush.

Get More from Your Carpets
If you anticipate a specific area in your home to enjoy a lot of foot traffic, protect your carpets by using throw rugs in that area. Throw rugs can be cheaper and easier to replace over time than your wall-to-wall carpets. Contact Mat Floors to learn more about our extensive range of quality, beautiful carpets.

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