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Cheap Laminate Floor

Cheap laminate floor for a modern look
Are you tired of those old carpets that just won’t come clean anymore and the smell that lingers no matter how many fresheners you use? Plus do you know how much old bacteria and dust mites live in the under-felt of your carpet? Consider having a cheap laminate floor installed for durability and as a healthier option for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.Laminate flooring is the modern choice for stylish floor covering in your home or office space and is made from a resin based melamine surface. This surface is virtually stain, scratch and burn proof as well as being very easy to keep clean. The flooring comes in different colour wood laminatesand a matching scratch free skirting can be installed. This will give your floors a warmer feel than tiles, which can be very cold especially in winter. A cheap laminate floor can visually brighten and modernise even an older space.
Laminate floors come in different sizes and thickness of planks which slot into one another. Therefore should a plank become damaged in any way, it would be easy to slot out the damaged plank and replace it with a new unit. If you crack a floor tile you cannot just replace one tile but are forced to replace the surrounding tiles as well. There are two types of underlays on offer for laminate flooring: a standard foam underlay which is normally installed without extra cost or a rubber underlay which assists with noise reduction but usually comes at an extra cost.
Laminate flooring comes with a 15 year warranty on the resin based melamine surface, backed by the manufacturer. Thus it is important to deal with a reputable manufacturer as well as distributor when purchasing laminate floors. Always research your cheap laminate flooring options carefully to find which companies can offer you the best price and installation costs. Also look for promotions that companies might be running and find out if their competitors will match or even better their price.
If you prefer to install a cheap laminate floor ratherthan have to struggle with tiles or carpets, start looking today. For further information on these products and services visit or call us on 011 830-1265.

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