A Checklist for DIY Laminate Floors

A Checklist for DIY Laminate Floors

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Getting ready to lay some DIY laminate floors? Well, before you get started you may want to make sure that you are equipped with all the items and materials necessary to get the job done. At Mat Floors, we are happy to provide you with a checklist of all the items and materials you are going to need.

Essential materials for the installation of DIY laminate floors
1. Adhesive
2. Barrier Sheeting
3. Flooring
4. Laminate glue
5. Polyethylene tape
6. Wall base/moulding/baseboard
7. Plastic sheeting (use this to cover any items you wish to protect)
8. Threshold and end moulding
9. Any required transitions

Essential tools for the installation of DIY laminate floors
1. A carpenter’s square – assists in the process of laying the floors correctly
2. A well-made and durable utility knife
3. Chalk
4. Cleaning products
5. Partitions
6. Drill
7. Gloves
8. Hammer/Mallet
9. Measuring tape
10. Pen or pencil – for mark making
11. Pull bar – assists in seam reduction
12. Router – for grooving purposes
13. Safety gear – goggles as well as protective clothing
14. Spacers
15. Tapping block – this tool allows the planks to be softly pushed together while you do the hammering
16. Various saws –including circular hand, table or jig

With this checklist on hand, you can focus all your attention on completing the job at hand (without having to make regular trips to the hardware store). The installation of DIY laminate floors is made straightforward and easy with the help of the experts here at Mat Floors, we can easily be reached via email at info@matfloors.co.za.

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