Choosing the Best Carpet for a Home with Pets

Choosing the Best Carpet for a Home with Pets

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Pet owners in search of new carpets generally have two main priorities: durability and stain resistance. After all, wear and tear from our four-legged loved ones, and stain resistance can really take its toll on your carpets and drastically reduce its lifespan. Don’t fret, however, as there are great quality options available on the market that still present you with the beautiful carpets you want, while offering durability and dependability.

What makes carpet a good choice if you have pets? Wall-to-wall carpets remain a comfortable choice for pets. After all, so many pets spend hours a day just lounging around while their humans do their bidding. Carpets are also nonslip surfaces that can be safer for your beloved pet.

What to Look for In Pet Friendly Carpeting
When it comes to choosing the type of carpeting for a pet friendly home, keep the following in mind:

• Materials – carpeting made from nylon fibres is great for pet owners since it is durable, cost-effective and stain resistant;
• VOCs – Carpets found in homes contain volatile organic compounds which can cause throat, nose and eye irritation. New carpets contain lower levels of VOC, so check to make sure yours has the minimum amount;
• Durability – make sure that the type of carpet you choose offers excellent durability.

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