Choosing the best Laminate Flooring Johannesburg

Choosing the best Laminate Flooring Johannesburg

laminate flooring Johannesburg

Laminate flooring is no longer just a trend, it has become a permanent fixture in the realm of flooring and design. When it comes to laminate flooring Johannesburg locals have access to the best the industry has to offer with the experts at Mat Floors.

The most important question to ask is “how do I choose the best laminate flooring?”

There are a number of things to carefully consider before settling on a laminate flooring option, this includes the following:
Consider the type of laminate flooring best suited to your needs.

There are two basic distinctions between laminate flooring.
You options include:
High pressure laminate (HPL)
Direct pressure laminate (DPL)
Consider the amount of foot traffic

Different laminate flooring is best suited to meet specific needs. For example, area experiencing a high volume of foot traffic will require one type of laminate flooring. This can be determined through the AC Rating. Your options include:
1. AC1 – great for bedrooms and other low traffic areas
2. AC2 – best for low through to medium traffic
3. AC3 – best suited for homes and light traffic commercial areas
4. AC4 – perfect for home or commercial spaces
5. AC5 – best suited to commercial areas experiencing heavy traffic

Consider the look and texture; Laminate flooring has been designed to mimic the look of other materials.
Your options include:
1. Stone
2. Oak
3. Cherry
4. Marble
5. Maple
6. Pine

Consider the finish you are after; Laminate flooring comes in a number of amazing finishes including:
1. High- gloss
2. Embossed
3. Glossy
Choosing the option that right for you means carefully considering the above mentioned points, you must know the needs you require your flooring to meet, as well as the overall look and feel you hope to achieve. Once you have made these decisions, the right laminate flooring will present itself to you.
For the highest quality laminate flooring Johannesburg has to offer, come to the experts at Mat Floors. We have all the skills and valuable knowledge to assist you in determining the right laminate flooring option to meet your unique needs.

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