Choosing Carpets That Match Your Style

Choosing Carpets That Match Your Style

Choosing Carpets That Match Your Style

Buying new carpets is perhaps one of the biggest purchases you will make in the medium term. It is also a choice that you have to live with every day. Get it right, and your family enjoys a warm glow of satisfaction every time they step through the front door. Get it wrong, everyone will need to train their eyes to stay permanently above floor level.

The good news is that selecting the correct carpet styles and colours isnt difficult. We compiled a few handy tips for you to keep in mind when choosing carpets that match your style and budget.

Tip 1 Consider Your Audience

Are you looking at years of small children trampling in and out of the home, or do you envisage a quieter life? Will you be moving or redecorating in the foreseeable future? The use your carpets will be subjected to will have a significant impact on the type of carpets you select. Hardwearing nylon carpets, or luxurious woollen carpets which will it be?

Tip 2 Different Carpet Textures

A lot more goes into selecting a carpet that matches your style than merely its colour and type. Different textures impact on the feel, performance and appearance of a carpet. Woven carpets tend to last longer, but come at a heftier price than tufted carpets. Take all the info into account and choose the carpet that appeals most to you.

Tip 3 Plain or Patterned?

Both types offer its own merits. Plain carpets provide flexibility with dcor, but may become bland in large rooms. Patterned carpets are better at concealing signs of soiling and wear, but can make a space feel cluttered if not chosen with care. Find the middle ground that appeals to you and make an informed decision.

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