Creative Things to do with Leftover Flooring

Creative Things to do with Leftover Flooring

Mat Floors

Ideas for leftover flooring from Mat Floors!

You just revamped your home with stunning new laminate flooring, which you got for the specialists at Mat Floors, but your project is complete and you have some leftover pieces of laminate flooring. What now? Don’t just throw it away, try completing a creative project and use the leftover pieces to make something amazing.

Get creative and make a unique piece of art for your home

What you will need:

  • Self-adhesive shelf liner
  • Panels of leftover laminate flooring
  • Sharpie/marker
  • Stanley knife
  • Primer and paint

Step 1: Begin by gluing the leftover panels of laminate flooring together to create your canvas.

Step 2: The next step requires you to apply a layer of self-adhesive shelf liner to up facing side of your canvas.

Step 3: Choose a design you find visually appealing and trace the image onto the layer of self-adhesive shelf liner. If you have access to a projector you can convert your image into a transparency and project it onto your canvas to make the tracing process as simple and accurate as possible.

Step 4: Use the Stanley knife to cut out the design and remove the surplus self-adhesive shelf liner.

Step5: You have now created a type of stencil over which you will need to add primer and paint in the colour of your choice.

Step 6: When the paint is semi dry but still tacky you will have to pull the remainder of the shelf liner off, the end result is a creative and unique piece of art.

Come to Mat Floors for all of your laminate flooring needs, our experts are on hand to assist you in any way possible.


Meta description: The flooring experts at Mat Floors are proud to present you with a creative suggestion as to what you can do with your leftover pieces of laminate flooring

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