Current Wood Floor Trends in South Africa

Current Wood Floor Trends in South Africa

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Wood floors remain one of the most preferred flooring surfaces for South African homeowners from all walks of life. It will never go out of style as it is authentic, affordable, stylish and hardwearing. There are many other reasons behind its popularity and it continues to appeal to consumers with different tastes, preferences and style.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the current wood floors trends in South Africa.

Trend #1 – Dark Wood Floors
Yes, dark is in! Dark wood floors continue to grow in popularity, particularly in higher end homes. It provides a classic and contemporary look and helps to make the home seem warmer and comfortable. These floors make a statement and are ideal for offsetting and highlighting white kitchens.

Trend #2 – Grey Wood Floors
Grey is seen as the new ‘neutral.’ Grey floors have been around for a while, and still remain hip and trending in other areas including tile, paint and appliances, etc. This sleek and stylish look creates a bit of drama but doesn’t overpower other design elements.

Trend #3 – Satin Finishes
Satin finishes remain an incredibly popular wood floor trend in South Africa. These finishes are more stylish and incredibly practical, as they tend to take longer showing dents, scratches and dirt than other finishes.

These are only a few of the top wood floor trends at present. To explore many other trends and the best quality wooden floors available in South Africa, contact Mat Floors to learn more about their extensive product lines and cutting edge catalogue of flooring solutions.

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