Is DIY Laminate Flooring Really Right for You?

Is DIY Laminate Flooring Really Right for You?

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Many homeowners are still a bit frightened by the term DIY laminate flooring. Does this mean you have no professional support during and after the installation? Are you totally on your own when it comes to its installation? The answer is no! At Mat Floors, we support you every step of the way. You have direct access to our expertise and experience and we help you get the most value out of your laminate flooring investment.

There are many benefits why it makes sense investing in DIY laminate flooring. You don’t need to pay for professional labour to take care of its installation, and you are in charge of the whole project. However, you still have access to our expertise and professional advice, and we are there whenever you need us.

Why Choose The Mat Floors Laminate Flooring Range?
Our laminate flooring planks range from 6mm to 17mm in thickness. The entire laminated flooring plank is constructed using the very best quality moisture resistant high density fibreboard, and also features a resin based decorative film. What’s more, our laminated flooring is also a 4th generation “Click” system, which makes it even easier for DIY enthusiasts to use.

The flooring planks are inserted at a thirty degrees to another and simply ‘clicks’ in place. Our company also offers the standard foam underlay needed, and we can also provide rubber underlay at an additional cost should the need arise. This reduces noise when walking on the floor. Contact us to learn more about our range of DIY laminate flooring solutions.

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