How To DIY Laminate Floors

How To DIY Laminate Floors

DIY laminate

Installing DIY laminate floors does not need to be a stressful experience. Laminate flooring is economical and durable, and most importantly it is easy to install. It is a fantastic choice for almost any room, except for laundry rooms and bathrooms only because the laminates may buckle in rooms with higher levels of moisture and humidity.

This type of flooring works well in kitchens, as long as spills are cleaned up soon and a damp mop is used to clean it up. Laminates also work in foyers if there isn’t heavy traffic with rain soaked shoes. Most DIY enthusiasts are able to take care of a DIY laminate floor installation without much hassle at all. It is also a great option if you want to cut down on the expense of hiring professionals to take care of the installation.

Preparation for DIY Laminate Installation

Once you have removed the existing flooring, check that the subfloor is solid, clean and flat. Fix concrete subfloors with a patching compound, should the need arise. Lay out an unopened box of laminate planks in the room it is to be installed in, as this should help to acclimatise it, for at least 48 hours.

Plan the first and last rows of the floor, and install the flooring parallel to the longest wall in the room. Measure the room’s width from this wall and divide the distance by the width of the planks. This tells you what the width of the final row of planks ought to be. To determine the width required for the first and last row, add the width of a full plank to the width required for the last row.

Keep in mind that all laminate floors expand and contract due to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. To allow for this, place spacers along the wall to leave a consistent gap around the floor’s edges. To learn more about installing DIY laminate floors from the experts, speak to the dedicated team at Mat Floors for professional advice.

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