DIY Laminated Floors

laminate flooring
DIY Laminated Floors

Laminated flooring has only been around for just a little longer than 30 years, being first invented in 1977.
This type of flooring was first introduced into Europe in 1984 and into the United States some ten years later.
With DIY being so popular these days, it was not long before enthusiasts started installing laminated floors themselves, and DIY laminated floorsare now widely available for those people who would rather do it for themselves. There are a few points that it’s worthwhile remembering when installing this type of floor covering yourself.

  • Preparation – the base upon which you intend installing the laminate must be thoroughly clean, level and flat with all previous covering completely removed. Before installation the base must be completely dry.
  • In order for the laminate to acclimatise you should leave the packs unopened in the middle of the room to be worked on for a good 48 hours.
  • Ensure that you have all of the necessary tools to hand before you start the job. You’ll need a hammer, a craft knife, a tape measure, pencil, handsaw or jigsaw, drill and bits, mitre block, sealant gun, screwdriver, installation kit.

DIY Laminated floors can look just as good as a professionally installed on as long as you take the time and effort to carry out the installation properly. Take the time to look carefully at a professional job and notice how

  • The trims around the edges are neatly installed and the joints are tight
  • The correct installation of a transition bar in the doorway
  • That the floor appears good and level

For further information about DIY Laminated floors contact us at 011 852 5182.

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