DIY Underfloor Heating

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DIY Underfloor Heating

DIY Underfloor Heating That Is Simple and Effective
You wake up, warmly wrapped in your plush duvet. It’s time to get up. You swing your legs off the bed only to get a jolt that slaps your brain into reality as your feet touch the freezing floor. Talk about a rude awakening. While this is certainly not how any of us would like to wake up, it is the reality that most of us have to deal with every winter. But not anymore. You can get quality DIY underfloor heating from Mat Floors. This easy-to-install heating system provides a cosy atmosphere throughout your house and is more affordable than you might think. The DIY underfloor heating systems from Mat Floors are energy-efficient and can be installed in both new and existing homes.
Easy-to-install DIY underfloor heating
Installing underfloor heating does not have to be a ridiculously difficult task. The DIY underfloor heating available from Mat Floors are of such a design that they lend themselves to being both easy to install as well as energy-efficient. The most important feature is the fact that we do not use pre-made pads that will limit you to the size and configuration of the pads. The DIY underfloor heating we supply can be customised to the customer’s need and according to the configuration of the room to be heated.
It is possible to install DIY underfloor heating in existing homes. This will, however, be most advisable to do when also replacing your floor covering. The DIY underfloor heating panels will be installed on the bare floor, with a ‘floating’ floor installed over it. The electric underfloor heating is completely safe and can be installed under various types of floorings. Wooden floors are preferred as they provide uniform insulation. The next best option is carpet. Depending on the type of flooring used, the maximum temperature will differ. With sufficient insulation, however, underfloor heating is also very convenient for tile floors.
Mat Floors provides you with the expertise of professional people to advise and guide you as to your requirements ensuring an efficient underfloor heating system. For more information on DIY underfloor heating and to request your free quote, contact us at Mat Floors.
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