Laminate Floor

laminate flooring

Laminate Floor

Durable And Attractive Laminate Floors
The laminate floor has become all the rage in homes across the world. Before the interior design choice for floor coverings was carpeting but over the years there has been a swing towards the look and feel of wooden floors and in particular laminate floors.
Laminate floors are as attractive as wooden floors but are far less expensive and are very durable and easy to clean. The laminate floor can transform an ordinary home into a show house. These floors are easy and quick to lay and once they have been ordered and paid for the installation team can have them installed in a matter of days. Other benefits of laminate floors are the fact that they are so durable. The laminate floorplanks have undergone an intensive manufacturing process to ensure that the planks are hardy and can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday wear and tear.
These floors won’t scratch, are moisture resistant and won’t get marks from cigarette burns. Laminate floors are constructed from laminated planks that are made from moisture resistant HDF with a resin decorative film. The laminate flooring planks come in different thicknesses and in different “wood” colours and grains. The laminate floor is a 4th generation ‘click” system which means that the floors are inserted at 30” to one another. All our laminate floor installations are backed by a 2 year warranty and the laminate flooring comes with a 15 year written guarantee from the manufacturer.
Mat Floors are a growing concern that has gained an excellent reputation for quality craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on overseeing every one of our installations, never outsourcing any of the installations to other contractors. We deliver to the highest professional standard and will go all out to ensure that your laminate floor meets your high standards. For more information on Mat Floors contact us today.

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