Exciting 2016 Flooring Trends in South Africa

Exciting 2016 Flooring Trends in South Africa

laminate flooring

Trends come and go, but there are some evergreen flooring trends that remain popular throughout the years. Giving it a different twist to keep up with the times can help you refresh your flooring while still enjoying the benefits of a durable and stylish floor in your home. So let’s take a look at some exciting trends in flooring that are still as popular as ever.

Carpeting Remains a Go-To For Many South Africans

Carpeting will never go out of style. It’s beautiful, affordable and stylish, and makes for a warm and welcoming home. Soft and gentle carpets are in this year, inviting people to take a load off and enjoy your home. However, it’s not a practical option for everyone, as small pets, toddlers and high foot traffic disqualify fine carpets for many homeowners. Don’t worry, however, as there are many beautiful carpets aimed at homes that need a heavy duty solution.

Laminate Flooring Continues Its Boom

Millions of South Africans prefer laminate flooring for the simple reason that it is a hassle-free flooring solution. Aside from that, it’s affordable and aesthetically pleasing. You can have the appearance of true-to-life hardwood flooring in your home without the cost, or the hassle involved with its maintenance.

At Mat Floors, we specialise in the supply of both carpets and laminate flooring. Throughout the years, we have grown to become a leading supplier of quality flooring solutions in South Africa, and continue to work hard to far exceed all expectations placed on us. Contact Mat Floors today to learn more about us, and for all the advice you’ll need to make an informed purchase decision for home’s flooring.

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