Extending the Lifespan of your Blinds

Extending the Lifespan of your Blinds

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Tapping into the collective expertise of the professionals at mat floors, let us take a look at some tips and trick to assist you in extending the lifespan of your blinds.

Caring for PVC Café Blinds
Always remember not to roll your blinds up when they are wet as the blinds will not dry and over time this will cause damage to the PVC. You should also remove the top straps when the blinds are down in order to prevent the PVC from scratching. It is important that you make sure that your blinds are always securely tied away before you begin the process of cleaning which requires you to wet them with water and following this you need to wipe them dry with a microfiber cloth. Furthermore you can avoid damage by rolling up your blinds during an approaching storm but try to keep your blinds down as much as possible to increase their lifespan. You can also utilize a silicon spray on the zips of your blind, you can do this monthly which will allow them to glide along in a smooth way.

Caring for bamboo blinds
Try to protect your bamboo blinds from moisture. Bamboo may be sturdy but incorrect cleaning strategies and result in damage. Make use of a lightweight duster in this case.

Caring for your Venetian blinds
Use a damp cloth, be careful not to apply large amounts of pressure as you begin the dusting process.

In addition to cleaning your blinds carefully and appropriately you may want to consider motorizing them and keep the rolling them to a minimum. For any advice on the proper use of your blinds, contact the professionals at Mat Floors via email.

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