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By the time July arrives in South Africa, most people would swear that it is the coldest winter they have ever experienced. This is however a fallacy as winter does not get colder every year our minds just have a way of trying to forget the cold until the next cold front rolls around. This year you don’t have to sing along to this same old song simply by finding out more about under floor heating from a flooring company.
Under floor heating is by far the most convenient way to heat your entire home with a minimum of hassle and fuss. The heating elements are placed beneath your flooring material of choice and the temperature is regulated by a switch over which you have total control.
You do need to keep in mind that different types of under floor heating are available and to get advice from a flooring company as to which types are most suitable to your type of flooring material. The installation of your under floor heating should be taken care of by a professional team that you can have access to from a flooring company.
Another fallacy, this one regarding under floor heating, is that this type of warming solution is much more costly in electricity use than other types of heaters.
Although under floor heating can add to your monthly electricity bill, an exorbitant rise in your power consumption is probably due to the incorrect or inefficient installation of the under floor heating system. Rather get assistance from your flooring company right from the get go and let them measure the space you wanted heated so that a plan can be formulated for the most efficient installation to use as little power as possible.
Throw out those old fashioned heaters and find out more about the under floor heating options that are available from a flooring company and contact us.
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