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Top Quality Laminate Flooring In Gauteng By The Experts

Do you yearn for an expensive wooden floor but you balk at the cost and you are unsure of what other type of flooring Gauteng suppliers would be able to supply that even remotely matches wood’s ambience? In that case, we have good news, because laminate wood flooring may be just the solution you had been looking for, with a long list of compelling advantages. A real wooden floor may look wonderful, but there are disadvantages, chief among which is cost. It also demands careful maintenance to maintain its appearance and avoid damage.

Laminate Flooring: A New Wave Solution

More and more people install laminate flooring in Gauteng and elsewhere due to the many advantages it confers:

  • It is far more affordable, because it does not use real, expensive hardwood in its construction
  • The modern and advanced “Click” system we employ means that the planks are inserted at a 30-degree angle to each other for a neat and extremely easy and efficient installation
  • The printed surface that looks just like hardwood is extremely tough and we can offer a 15-year surface wear warranty on it that is backed by the manufacturer
  • Laminate flooring is very easy to care for and requires no specials waxes or oils; the synthetic surface can easily be brushed or mopped and vacuumed
  • A large variety of different colours and hues are offered and each comes with colour-coded, scratch-resistant skirting


How does Laminate Flooring Differ from Hardwood Flooring?

All the types of wooden flooring in Gauteng have to be installed above grade and the thickness of the planks normally varies between 9 mm and 19 mm; the planks are real hardwood. A laminate floor uses no real wood and the wood look is achieved by printing high-resolution photos of wood onto a very tough synthetic surface. Laminate flooring planks are only around 7 mm to 8 mm thick and can be installed either below or above grade or over almost any other type of floor.

How is Laminate Flooring Constructed?

Our laminate flooring in Gauteng is of the highest quality and each installation comes with a one-year guarantee on the installation and the above-mentioned 15-year guarantee on the wear layer. A laminate floor’s core is a very moisture-resistant high-density fibre board (HDF) onto which the resin-based and printed wear layer is bonded. Underneath, the HDF rests on a foam underlay, but you may opt for the optional rubber underlay for superior noise suppression when walking on the floor. For more information on this superb flooring solution, contact us.
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