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Best Flooring in South Africa
Mat Floors is one of the leading suppliers of flooring in South Africa. As a direct importer of top quality laminates and carpets, we also provide manufacturer and installation warranties. Our prices are competitive and because we believe in actions rather than words, we endeavour to match any written quote for the same type of product and installation from a reputable company and give you 5% discount on their quote.
Floor Heating
Although South Africa is notorious for warm summers and storms, we do get cold winters, perhaps not as cold as in Europe, but still rather chilling. With that in mind, many homeowners opt for underfloor heating to create warmer home environments.
We have an expert team to offer guidance regarding the most suitable underfloor heating for your home with energy usage, surface to be heated, total square metres to be heated, and the place of installation in mind.
We import the under tile heating conductors from Germany and France ensuring safe to use products and high quality heat resistant polymers. With our system, electrical costs for running the heating will be lower since the system comes with a pure aluminium shield.
If your flooring consists of tiles, you most probably experience cold winters. We can help to reduce the chill with the installation of heating at your residence. Since we don’t make use of premade pads, we have more freedom with installation. Instead we make use of hand-lay pads on site to ensure that we can meet your specific floor heating requirements. The heating elements come from a top South African manufacturer and meet the highest industry standards.
We provide carpeted flooring solutions according to client requirements. If you need help in selection of the most appropriate carpets for the particular room, simply call on our consultants. They consider your budget, the area to be carpeted, space, humidity levels, whether you have pets and children, and the traffic that the area will experience
Laminated wood flooring holds several benefits including:

  • Warm and welcoming ambiance.
  • Aesthetic appeal.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Longevity.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Wide range of colours and textures.

Our laminated flooring comes with one year warranties on installation and manufacturing backed warranties of 15 years on the products.
If you are thus looking for the ideal flooring solution in South Africa, don’t compromise. Get the best deals, service and products from Mat Floors.

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