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Top Quality Laminate Floors In Gauteng
When looking for the various types of available floors in Gauteng, it is important to take your budget and desired affect into account. If you are looking for a wood finish, then consider the option of having a laminate floor installed. These types of floors in Gauteng have become extremely popular, especially amongst asthma and allergy sufferers as they don’t harbour dust.
Installing laminate floors has also become popular due to the fact that they are durable and very easy to keep clean. These types of floors are largely popular due to their aesthetic appeal and ability to offer a cosy and hygienic environment for families. Mat Floors in Gauteng is a company that offers to install top quality floors in Gauteng at a cost-effective rate. Their laminate floors are designed to be scuff resistant, scratch resistant and burn resistant which makes them ideal for areas where there is a heavy through flow of traffic.
Mat Floors provides a range of flooring options which range in thickness from 6mm to 17mm’s. A high density fibre board is used with a photographic resin protective film. The planks are designed for easy installation as they easily click into one another.
Laminate floors in Gauteng are quickly and easily installed by Mat Floors. They also provide a foam or rubber underlay which lessens walking noise and also cushions the floor for a more comfortable step. Each and every floor supplied by this company is provided with a surface wear and tear warranty of 15 years along with a 1 year installation warranty. Every floor is available in a variety of colours which comes with matching scratch resistant skirtings.
When looking for laminate floors in Gauteng, take the time to consider all your options. Contact Mat Floors and allow them to advise you on the best options and rates available on the flooring market.

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