Great Laminate Flooring Ideas For 2016

Great Laminate Flooring Ideas For 2016

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Need a little bit of inspiration for rejuvenating your home? The experts at Mat Floors are pleased to present all of our readers with the complete guide to great laminate flooring ideas for 2016, so that your mind can be filled with creativity as you approach the task of renovation.

Laminate flooring ideas for the kitchen

2016 has seen an increase in people who wish to reap the many benefits of installing laminate flooring in the kitchen.

Top laminate flooring trend for kitchens in 2016

Combining white cabinets with dark chocolate coloured laminate floors provides a stunning visual contrast for the eyes. Darker shades of flooring have been immensely popular throughout the recent year as they offer a practicality that lighter shades do not. Additionally these darker shades mesh well with a variety of different colour schemes.

Flooring ideas for the hallway

Hallways serve as excellent locations in which to install laminate flooring, as this is one of the first rooms any visitor will enter many home owners use this space to put their best foot forward.

Top flooring trend for hallways in 2016

Using laminate flooring to mimic the effect of hardwood floors is a technique that many individuals around the world are now utilizing in the redesign of their hallways. Furthermore, people are making use of wide planks with a distressed look, this works to invoke the feel of a cozy and rustic, country home.

At Mat Floors, we have a wide range of skills as well as products of the highest quality. This means that we are able to assist you in a broad scope of ways. Contact us with all of your laminate flooring questions and we will gladly assist you in any way we can. You can reach us by email on or alternatively you can telephone us on 011 830 1265.

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