Handy Tips for Carpet Removal

Handy Tips for Carpet Removal

Handy Tips for Carpet Removal

Every homeowner has probably had to deal with an unwanted, old and smelly carpet that they wanted to remove right away when moving in. Removing carpets isn’t hard when you have some handy tips at your side. Let’s start with a small checklist of tools you’ll need before you start with the carpet removal process.

• Utility knife;
• Gloves;
• Dust mask – for those suffering from asthma or allergies;
• Duck tape; and
• Pliers.

Why would you want to remove the old carpet yourself? It poses a fantastic opportunity to check the subfloor for any squeaks or damage. Once the new carpet goes down, or the laminate flooring is installed, you will not be able to fix these issues again.

Let The Carpet Removal Begin!

Start at one corner in the room, and attempt to pull the carpet up. Should it not want to budge, then cut a small 10cm by 10cm square in the corner, using the utility knife. Remove this tiny piece of the carpet, and then pull up the larger section. Many carpets are held down with tack strips.

You’ll find these tough little buggers along the room’s perimeter, so be careful not to hurt your knees or hands. Make the process easier on yourself by folding the carpet into the centre of the room. When you are ready for a new carpet to bring your home into the 21st century, head over to Mat Floors for our selection of quality and affordable, beautiful carpets!

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