How To Judge the Quality of Laminate Flooring

How To Judge the Quality of Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring

Why choose Laminate Flooring

Modern laminate flooring is designed to look, feel and even sound like real hardwood, without the associated price tag and the hassle associated with maintaining real hardwood floors. Thanks to recent advances in the industry, many laminate products now also last longer and wear better than real hardwood flooring does.

With such an extensive range of laminate flooring materials to choose from and available on the market, it can be overwhelming for the modern homeowner to select the best flooring solution. This is especially true if you have never installed a laminate floor before. To choose the best floor that will serve you and your family reliably for years to come, there are a few questions you should ask that helps you to judge the quality of the laminate flooring.

Let’s take a closer look at these questions that will help you determine the quality of the flooring:

  • Ask after the product’s grade: Laminate floors are graded for quality on a three-level scale: good, better and best. As expected, products with higher grades come at a higher price tag, which is worth keeping in mind;
  • Look at a sample of the floor: It is always recommended to view a sample of the floor installed at the showroom. Keep an eye out for the alignment of the boards, and check for any gaps or unevenness; and
  • Repeating pattern: Study the floor sample and check if you can spot a repeating pattern. Greater quality laminate flooring offers patters with enough variety to look more natural.

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