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laminate flooring
Laminate Floor Specialist

Consult a laminate floor specialist prior to installation
A company that imports laminate floors, provides laminate flooring to the consumer and undertakes the installation of laminate floors is laminate floor specialist. Laminate flooring has met with huge success across Europe and the United States and is ideally suited to the South African climate. The floors are made from a resin based melamine composit which ensures durability as well as comfort. Rest assured that this is not the melamine of the 50’s that you associate with your grandparents’ kitchens and bathrooms. The laminate floor has an attractive wood finish in many colours and styles. The resin base ensures a harder finish than the melamine of the past which makes practically stain, scratch and burn resistant. Any laminate floor specialist will tell you that it is a much cheaper option than installing wooden floors and has as a lovely a finish.
The installation of the laminate floor is also very easy. This makes it a more cost and time effective option than having tiles laid with all the grouting and preparation that is required. It is also a healthier option for many asthma and allergy sufferers. Carpets are notorious for holding on to dirt, bacteria and dust mites which can adversely affect people with health problems. Laminate floors are very easy to maintain and keep clean, a spill is wiped up easily and non-abrasive chemical free cleaners can be used. A laminate floor specialist can assist you with cleaning tips and all your maintenance needs to ensure the lasting quality of yourlaminate floors. Most laminate flooring comes with an extensive guarantee backed by the manufacturer.
Ensure that you deal with a reputable and reliable laminate floor specialist. Also remember that the whole point of installing laminate flooring is that it is a cost effective alternative to wooden flooring. So ensure that you choose the flooring specialist that provides you with not only the best prices but also provides you with free installation and an underlay Matching scratch resistant skirtings are also available to finish your look.
So when you are having laminate floors installed, ensure that it is by a qualified laminate floor specialist. For further information on these products and services visit or call us on 011 830-1265.
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