Laminate Flooring Colours

laminate flooring
Laminate Flooring Colours

There Are Many Laminate Flooring Colours And Styles
Laminate flooring is the fastest growing floor choice in South Africa and there are many good reasons for this. Besides offering several winning qualities and features, a great many laminate flooring colours and styles are offered that can give any home an upmarket floor finish of excellent quality and achieving almost any effect you can imagine with all the different styles and laminate flooring colours that are available.
Laminate floors do not harbour dust, thereby greatly reducing the effect of asthma and allergies. It is surprisingly affordable and extremely durable and there are so many laminate flooring colours and themes available that you can install a laminate floor that looks almost exactly like a hardwood floor, for example. The durable surface layer is in fact a very dense, resin-based layer that resists scuffing, scratching and burns from cigarettes. It is virtually impossible to stain and very easy to clean.
Many profiles are offered with laminate floors, including skirting, end caps, adjustment rods, expansions, stair noses and quarter rounds. These parts are all designed to match the laminate flooring colours in order to blend in seamlessly with the overall design and style. As previously mentioned, a variety of laminate flooring colours are on offer, especially if you want to simulate a hardwood floor. Both dark and light browns are offered with different grains, imparting a warm, classy and sophisticated feel to your home, virtually indistinguishable from a real hardwood floor. However, many other laminate flooring colours and styles are offered too.
Irrespective of the laminate flooring colours that are used, the best quality laminate floors use laminate floor planks of between six and 17 mm thick, constructed from high-density fibreboard. The durable wear layer is bonded to the top of these planks and underneath, a foam underlay is normally used. A rubber underlay can be fitted to render a particularly quiet-walking floor. Feel free to contact us if you require more information on laminate flooring colours, styles and specifications.

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