Laminate Flooring Examples

laminate flooring
Laminate Flooring Examples


A Large Range Of Laminate Flooring Examples To Choose From

Let us show you a few laminate flooring examples that will suit your home and your sense of style; you would be most pleasantly surprised at the quality and affordability too. Laminate flooring really is the solution for all your flooring problems and is the one floor type that can really claim to cover all the bases. Not only do laminate floors offer you the style and ambience to compliment any space; they are also extremely durable and surprisingly affordable.

The Cost Advantage

No matter which one of the laminate flooring examples you choose, it is certain to cost a fraction of the price of a real hardwood floor and that is because there is no expensive hardwood in it. The core of a laminate floor is HDF (high-density fibre board), which is a by-product of the wood industry and, as such, composed of wood chips, shavings and sawdust. This ligneous material is ground into a pulp and then a melamine-urea-formaldehyde resin is added which, when dried and pressed into panels, renders an extremely tough, moisture-resistant core.

The Cosmetic Top Layer

To this HDF core is bonded a cosmetic wear layer and many prints are available among the laminate flooring examples to produce a look that will appeal to you. These prints are high-quality photographs of real hardwood that are printed onto the resin-based, melamine top layer, but other prints are available too, like different natural floors or even prints designed to look like jigsaw puzzle pieces. This melamine layer is extremely tough and resistant to:

  • scratching
  • scuffing
  • burning
  • staining


The Advantages of Laminate Floors

There are many advantages to laminate flooring, examples being:

  • the above-mentioned cost saving
  • it is more resistant against moisture than wood and with the necessary precautions and sealing, it can even be used in bathrooms and other wet places that are mopped frequently and where water will not be left standing for a length of time
  • it is easy to care for and can just be mopped and swept, without the need for special treatment, care and waxes that hardwood floors require
  • it conserves our natural resources and dwindling wood supplies

Clearly, a laminate floor holds many advantages and virtually no disadvantages whatsoever – it really is the floor that is all things to all men and you stand to gain in terms of durability, guarantee, cost and appearance. Our installations are guaranteed for a year and the wear layer for fifteen, so visit us and have a look at all the laminate flooring examples we have on offer.

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