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Laminate Flooring Importer

Your first stop in your search should be a laminate flooring importer.
As a stylish solution to flooring laminate flooring simply can’t be beaten. It’s easy to install, comes in a wide variety of finishes and is hard wearing. The challenge is to find the best laminate flooring at the best price, striking a balance between these two factors is the key to success when installing laminate flooring. Your first stop in your search should be alaminate flooring importer. Imported laminate floors have been proven to offer the best quality and value for money. Laminate floors are produced throughout the world, however Europe and China lead the way in the production of laminated flooring products. The consumer should not turn his or her nose up at the Chinese product as quality has improved dramatically over the past few years. Your laminate flooring importer will be able to assist you in finding the flooring solution that’s right for your home and your pocket.
When selecting a flooring solution based on laminated floors always take into account the traffic patterns of the home or office where the laminate is to be installed. High traffic areas such as reception areas in office buildings or passages and TV rooms in domestic homes will require a higher weight of laminate, failure to take this into account will result in rapid wear and subsequent replacement of the protions of laminate most badly affected.
When installing laminate the buyer should ensure that they make the correct choice of underlay for their uses. Underlay comes in two types, standard foam underlay which is suitable for most applications and a high quality rubber underlay which significantly reduces noise but comes at a higher price. Once again you laminate flooring specialist will advise you on which is the more suitable choice for your home or office.
For a free quote why not give us a call on 011 830 1265. At Mat Floors we pride ourselves on being South Africa’s leading laminate flooring importer and we’ll will beat any written quote, in fact we’ll subtract another 5% if the materials being used are of the same quality as our imported flooring. We also guarantee our products, in writing for 15 years against surface wear.
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