Laminate Flooring In Johannesburg

laminate flooring
Laminate Flooring In Johannesburg

Install The Best Laminate Flooring In Johannesburg
Johannesburg residents with a sense of style and quality can now have the best laminate flooring in Johannesburg installed in their homes. The latest laminate floors can be installed either above grade or below grade; in fact, you stand to save a lot of money simply because of the fact that it can be installed on top of virtually any type of existing flooring.
In terms of technology and quality, the best laminate flooring in Johannesburg has the same things in common. It starts with the very first foam layer that is placed on top of the existing floor. Although foam is normally used, rubber can be specified at extra cost if additional soundproofing and a quieter-walking floor are desired. On top of this underlay go the engineered laminate floor planks. These planks consist of three parts and they are normally anything between 6mm and 17mm thick.
In the centre is the moisture-resistant, high-density fibreboard (HDF) plank. It is bonded to a balancing backing (the part that rests on the underlay) and on the other side, it is bonded to the walking surface. This walking surface is very special; it is a film of extremely tough and very dense resin-based melamine. The surface layer can be printed in any design and high-quality photographs of natural surfaces like granite, bamboo and hardwood are used to closely approximate a natural floor. Matching, scratch-resistant skirtings are used.
Mat Floors can offer you the best laminate flooring in Johannesburgtoday. We guarantee our installations for two years and the tough wear surface is guaranteed against wear by the manufacturer for fifteen years. For more information on our beautiful and natural looking laminate flooring solutions, contact us.

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