Laminate Flooring Installation

laminate flooring
Laminate Flooring Installation

Things to Consider Before & During Your Laminate Flooring Installation
Laminate flooring has a scratch resistant and burn resistant surface. This type of flooring can give your home that modern look and appeal while still being a cost effective flooring option. Only a professional and experienced company should be trusted with your laminate flooring installation.
Laminate flooring installation needs to be done in a specific way in order to ensure that no damage or warping is experienced. The following needs to be taken into consideration before and during installation:

  • The surface where it is to be installed must be clean, dry and even.
  • Choose whether you want a foam underlay or rubber underlay (rubber is used to reduce walking noise).
  • Extra laminate flooring needs to be bought just in case there is an error during the installation process.
  • Remember to leave a 10mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the floor. This is to avoid damage when the flooring expands and contracts.
  • Laminate flooring cannot be installed in outside or uncovered areas. Only install these floors inside your office or home.
  • Any carpeting present must be properly removed before you can successfully install your laminate floor.
  • Laminate floors are made up of panels that conveniently click into each other and form a “floating floor”.

Laminated flooring offers a wide variety of benefits and can even come with colour coded skirting boards to match. Always ask the installation team if their flooring comes with a guarantee as this is rather important. Mat Floors is a professional flooring company in Gauteng that offers its floor installation services at a cost effective rate.
When looking for the best laminate flooring installation services, take the time to contact Mat Floors. They will provide you with a complete flooring solution that will suit both your needs and budget.

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