Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Is Plush And Tough
There are many reasons why laminate flooring has become so popular in South Africa. It is justly regarded as miracle flooring, exhibiting almost all the advantages of natural flooring, without many of the disadvantages. Natural flooring like hardwood, bamboo or granite is beautiful and adds a luxurious ambience to your home, but these floors are also expensive and often need special care.
Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is a technologically advanced engineered floor. High-density fibreboard (HDF) is used to make the laminate flooring planks and it is extremely resistant to moisture. The planks are bonded to a balancing backing and rests on a standard foam underlay. If a rubber underlay is employed, the floor is quieter to walk on. An extremely tough, resin-based melamine top layer is bonded to the HDF. This top layer is also very dense and virtually impervious to staining. In addition, it is very resistant to scratching too, and virtually impossible to burn with a cigarette.
The secret of a laminate floor’s charm lies in this top cosmetic film. It can be manufactured to mimic almost any type of natural floor like granite, bamboo or hardwood, imbuing your home with an expensive ambience without costing the earth. The latest laminate floors employ the “Click” system whereby the planks are inserted at 30-degree angles to each other. Skirtings are especially manufactured to suit every type of laminate surface.
Compared to carpeting, laminate flooring harbours very little dust and is preferred by people who suffer from allergies and conditions like asthma. Mat Floors can supply you with almost any style of laminate floor today. The laminate is guaranteed by the manufacturer against surface wear for a full fifteen years; in addition, we guarantee our installations for two years. For more information on how to beautify you home with a laminate floor, contact us.

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