Laminate Flooring Johannesburg

laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring Johannesburg


A Beautiful Trend – Laminate Flooring in Johannesburg

More often than not, new trends in a country will start in its economic hub, and this is also the case in the use of laminate flooring – in Johannesburg, South Africa’s busiest economic centre. However, the popularity of this floor covering continues to grow nationally and internationally and this leads one to investigate why this is so, because it is not a fashion item that can be discarded at will when the next season presents something new, as in the case of garments.
This product arguably presents one of the most exciting developments in its field within the past twenty-five years, and laminate flooring suppliers abound in Johannesburg. It is interesting to note that it started as a by-product, produced by manufacturers of melamine laminate counter tops in Sweden in order to utilise excess material.
Its aesthetic appeal is extremely versatile, and is equally compatible with clean, modern design lines and more traditional cottage type, cosy warmth. Installation is relatively easy and quick, producing very little debris to remove and clean up. Unlike tiles, the surface is immediately ready after installation to accommodate traffic and furniture.
Unlike solid wood, this form of surface covering is constructed of various layers, which are bonded together, with the uppermost surface consisting of precision photographed wood grain, so that the entire surface bears a close resemblance to the “real” thing. Various colours and types of wood are available, enhancing most styles and decor schemes.

The inner core is normally manufactured of melamine resins and fibreboard, giving the product stability and strength, whilst also making its cost considerably lower than solid hardwood. Laminates are installed on top of a thin, foam underlay in most applications; a rubber underlay material is available at an additional charge, which increases the sound damping performance.
Both types of underlay provide a vapour/moisture barrier, support the floor itself and contain sound damping properties, so that hard-soled shoes do not create a noise or disturb anyone. Any sub-surface which is flat, dry and smooth accommodates laminates successfully, which again reduces installation time, dust and debris.
Cleaning and maintenance is a veritable breeze, it is really that easy. Sweeping with a soft brush or broom, or picking up dust with a suitable vacuum cleaner attachment, will normally suffice. A slightly damp – not wet, micro-fibre mop easily removes spills and scuff marks without the use of chemicals and harsh detergents.
There truly are many reasons to increase the value of your property in a most attractive, affordable way. Installing laminate flooring in Johannesburg,our trend setting city, ticks all the right financial and aesthetic boxes.

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