Laminate Flooring Prices

Laminate Flooring Prices

Laminate Flooring Prices Are Well Below Those Of Natural Floors
Laminate flooring prices are very affordable and this has helped to boost the popularity of this type of flooring in South Africa. In fact, 8 mm DIYlaminate flooring prices may sometimes be less than R100 per square metre when some of the top local suppliers offer their specials. If you do not feel up to doing it yourself, some specials offer fitted laminate flooring for under R150 per square metre. The thicker, 12 mm flooring is more expensive, but specials on this derivative are frequently below R200 per square metre DIY and under R300, fitted.
Laminate flooring prices are not the only advantage when opting for this type of flooring. It may be the most versatile floor available today. The top wear layer is made from a very tough resin-based melamine and this can be made to closely resemble a natural floor like hardwood. However, it does not require nearly the same care and maintenance than hardwood floors. Laminate flooring prices are low and their maintenance is similarly low; the scratch-, scuff- and burn-resistant top layer makes it impervious to most kinds of casual damage. Many suppliers also guarantee the wear surface for more than ten years.
A laminate floor can bring the warm atmosphere and class of a hardwood floor to your home but at laminate flooring prices. It is also plush to walk on and you can lower walking noise even further by using an optional rubber underlay in place of the usual foam underlay. The walking surface is also very stable, because the top wear layer is bonded to a high-density fibreboard. The technology is the best available despite the pleasingly low laminate flooring prices you pay.
If you have always hankered after a classy, natural floor, do not despair.Laminate flooring prices are far lower and puts this type of elegant and tough floor within the reach of more people. To learn more, pleasecontact us today.

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