Laminate Flooring Specials

laminate flooring
Laminate Flooring Specials


Our Laminate Flooring Specials Represent The Best Value Possible In Laminate Floors

We do occasionally offer laminate flooring specials on our homepage (see “On Promotion”), but mostly our floor prices are so low that you could be forgiven for assuming the prices are specials already. One of the reasons our prices are so low is because our considerable buying power enables us to offer your remarkable value. In fact, we are able to undercut any other reputable company’s written quotation, like-for-like, so put our value claims to the test today.

Laminate Floors Bring Value and Elegance to Everyone

Our laminate flooring specials bring value to the masses and now beautiful laminate floors are within your reach, and at a fraction of the price of a genuine hardwood floor. When you deal with us, you are assured of the following:

  • The best value.
  • The highest installation quality: our installations are backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • The highest floor quality: your laminate floor’s cosmetic layer is guaranteed for 15 years.
  • The best workmanship: we perform all installations ourselves and do not contract out our work.
  • A choice between fully installed floors or DIY self-install laminate floors.

Besides offering unbeatable laminate flooring specials, we are also distributors for most of South African’s leading flooring companies and our expertise comes from our long history of installing laminate floors for discerning South Africans. We are able to offer such impressive warranties because our expertise allows us to carry out our installations to the highest standards available. Our AC4 in-house brand is a very popular choice and extremely durable too – we offer a 15-year warranty on it.

Laminate Floor Advantages

There is a variety of reasons to make use of our laminate flooring specials and it is not just the price, even if a laminate floor costs a fraction of the price of a real hardwood floor. There are many other advantages besides and these include:

  • Laminate floors require no special care and mopping it with a damp mop or sweeping it is usually enough to restore its appearance – there is no need for special wood treatments and oils.
  • Laminate floors can be used in damp places like bathrooms because they resist moisture well – as long as the floor is properly sealed and water is not allowed to stand, but mopped away frequently.
  • A laminate floor is virtually indistinguishable from a real hardwood floor, because the cosmetic wear layer is imprinted with photographs of real hardwood and the scratch-resistant skirtings are colour-matched to the floor.
    Be surprised by our laminate flooring specials and quality today.


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