Laminate flooring and the top 5 trends of 2016

Laminate flooring and the top 5 trends of 2016

Laminate Flooring

Why Laminate Flooring Makes Sense:

Your choice of laminate flooring can impact the mood and feel of your home, it is not simply a surface on which to walk but a crucial element of interior design that can make or break your personal style. With spring well on its way, it is the perfect time you revamp your flooring with one, or two, of the top flooring trends of 2016.

  1. Wooden textures and tones

The natural imperfections found in wood can add a distinct charm to any space in which it is utilised.  For colour inspiration you will want to consider warm, buttery tones such as Mat Floors Pastel Maple from the Matteo Flooring range

  1. Greys

One of the top trends that has emerged in 2016 is grey laminate flooring. Check out our grey mist option from the Euro Laminate range to get feel for the clean and elegant mood that classic grey flooring can add to your home.

  1. Combination textures

The trend of combining different wooden textures is huge in 2016, the technique is used to add excitement to a space by breaking up large monotonous areas to create a dynamic room that is visually interesting.

  1. Playing with panel length

Don’t be afraid to experiment with random panel lengths for an authentically rustic look.

  1. Be bold with your choice of colours and patterns

When it comes to choice of colour you will want to think of vibrant shades of red and ebony tones of brown. A great example of an option that combines both a vibrant tone and visually bold pattern is Merbau 3 Strip from the Laurentian Laminate flooring range, available at Mat Floors.

For all of your laminate flooring needs contact the professionals at Mat Floors, we have the know-how and experience to help you achieve your flooring dreams.


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