Laminate Floors

laminate flooring

Laminate Floors

Laminate floors for individual style
Laminate floors have all the beauty of natural wooden floors but have several advantages over the natural product. Laminate floors firstly do not cost as much as the natural alternative and are scuff and scratch resistant. In addition laminate floors offer the consumer an almost unrivalled opportunity to exercise his or her creative talent. Laminate floors come in a variety of finishes with popular colours being pine, walnut and maple. However using computerised technology some manufacturers can design laminate floors to suit the individual requirements of the homeowner. One example is laminate flooring designed to look like jigsaw puzzle pieces, which may appeal to parents considering reflooring a playroom. Laminate floors are also ideal for the accomplished DIY expert as the individual pieces are feature a tongue and groove design which allows even the novice the opportunity to fit the flooring themselves. However it is advisable to get expert advice as to which type and weight of laminate flooring to install due to the different load bearing characteristics of the flooring. The laminate flooring designed for commercial use or use in high traffic areas is more expensive than that used for domestic dwellings. Another advantage of laminate floors is that in the unlikely event of damage to a section of laminate just that section can be replaced, unlike carpeting where damage to one section of the carpet means that the entire room has to be recarpeted. Laminate floors can even be fitted with underfloor heating to make even the most rainy of Cape winters and or chilly Highveld winter cosy and warm.
So if you’re considering installing new flooring laminate can make a lot of sense. It’s cost effective, making it attractive in these budget cutting times, extremely durable, attractive and easy to install. The installation of laminate flooring has also been shown to increase the value of a property.
To get an idea of how laminate floors can enhance the beauty of your home visit any one of the many web sites devoted to this versatile flooring material, or better yet visit a showroom where you can experience firsthand the warmth of laminate flooring. However always remember to deal with a reputable supplier who will offer a guarantee.
For a free quote call Mat Floors on 011 830 1265. We pride ourselves on being South Africa’s leading importer and supplier of laminate floors. We also guarantee our products, in writing for 15 years against surface wear.

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