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Quality, Durable Products From A Laminate Wood Flooring Company
There is a very simple way to assess what the quality and durability of the flooring material you purchase from a laminate wood flooring company. You need to check the AC rating of the laminate flooring make that you are purchasing. The AC ratings relate to the laminate floorings resistance to stains, scratches, dents and burns. AC ratings range from AC1 through to AC5 with 1 being the least tough and 5 being the most durable laminate flooring available on the market.
These ratings also inform you of whether the laminate flooring has been tested for the effects of furniture legs or castors when placed or moved as well as for expansion due to hot, humid or moist conditions. You can be assured that if a laminate flooring product has an AC rating that it has passed all the relevant tests.
It is however not necessary to simply opt for the most expensive laminate flooring with the highest AC rating from a laminate wood flooring company. AC5 rated laminate floors are designed for high traffic and impact areas such as shopping malls, hotels and other commercial enterprises.
AC3 and AC4 ratings are given to laminate flooring that is suitable for use in offices and smaller retail outlets or restaurants. AC1 and AC2 rated laminate floors are ideal for residential use depending upon the type of room they are placed in.
A laminate wood flooring company will advise that you use AC2 flooring in high traffic areas or kitchens whereas AC1 rated flooring is ideal for bedrooms or other areas where there is minimal traffic. No type of laminate flooring is really suitable to the conditions in the bathroom and it is better to opt for a different type of flooring material in this area of your home.
For more information regarding the AC rating system from a laminate wood flooring company you can simply contact us.

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