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Laminate Wood Flooring Specialists

Accessories And Finishes From Laminate Wood Flooring Specialists
Make sure that you get all the best finishes from your laminate wood flooring specialists. When laminate wood flooring is installed, a gap of about of about 10mm I left around the entire perimeter of the flooring. This gap is there to compensate for any swelling or expansion of the laminate flooring material.
Expansion can be caused by a range of factors such as moisture, humidity and heat in an area. This gap can however be unattractive and allow dirt to collect.
Laminate skirting boards are available from your laminate wood flooring specialists to give you a quality trim in the same shade and texture as your laminate flooring. Alternatively, you can choose skirting boards in a different shade to liven up a room and add dimension to your flooring. Also available from your laminate flooring specialists are end caps and room dividers. These are used in doorways and entrances to rooms or where the laminate flooring ends. Adjustment rods can be used to join your laminate flooring to other types of flooring materials that differ in height.
A laminate stair nose is use not only to provide the perfect finish for your steps but to provide some traction and prevent people slipping on the stairway. It also protects the edges of the laminate flooring from becoming damaged when used on stairs.
Other types of laminate flooring accessories can also be recommended by your laminate wood flooring specialists to ensure that your flooring looks great and is well protected throughout your space. Remember that these accessories should be of the same quality as your laminate flooring and should carry the same guarantee or warrantee period.
To find out more about these laminate floor accessories and finishes that are available from your laminate wood flooring specialists, you cancontact us today.
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