Laminate Wood Flooring

laminate flooring
Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is superior to the natural product in a number of ways.
Laminate wood flooring is superior to the natural product in a number of ways. It is scratch and stain resistant and comes in a variety of finishes and weights, making it ideal for use in various environments, from domestic use, to commercial applications, and you can be sure it’s a ‘green’ solution to your flooring needs, no trees have been felled to provide you with a stylish flooring solution. Laminate wood flooring also comes in a variety of finishes, allowing for an almost unlimited exercise of creativity. From the most whimsical of colour finishes to lifelike imitations of Oak, Pine or Walnut laminate floors bring light and colour to any household or business setting. Because laminate flooring is so tough it is an ideal solution for high traffic areas where its spill, scuff and stain resistant qualities will be appreciated by every home or business owner.
However, care should be taken to ensure that the laminate solution chosen is applicable to the environment where it will be used. Laminate comes in several varieties, each suited to varied levels of traffic. Although laminate flooring is cheaper than carpet or natural alternatives a mistake in choosing the right solution can be costly in the medium and long term.
There are other advantages that laminate flooring has over natural alternatives, like wood. The tongue and groove planks allow the homeowner to install the laminate flooring him or herself. The process is not unlike putting together a large jigsaw puzzle. The laminate is fitted over a foam (typically) underlay which prevents moisture damage to the planks themselves and serves as both heat and sound insulation. The nature of the laminate wood flooring means that any damage to a single plank would not mean the replacement of the entire floor covering but rather the replacement of a single plank, yet another advantage over floor covering like carpet.
For a free quote why not give us a call on 011 830 1265. At Mat Floors we will beat any written quote, in fact we’ll subtract another 5% if the materials being used are of the same quality as our imported laminate wood flooring. We also guarantee our products, in writing for 15 years against surface wear.

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