Laminate Wooden Floors

laminate flooring
Laminate Wooden Floors

Laminate wood floors offer a blend of value for money and style.
Laminate wood floors offer a blend of value for money and style, lending homes and business premises alike an air of spaciousness and individuality. The buyers individuality is expressed through their choice of finishes to the laminate wood floors, finishes vary from Maple and Walnut to the lighter Cedar and Pine. In fact it is possible to have different rooms finished in different styles, with laminate wooden flooring it’s all about individual choice. However take into account that laminate flooring cannot be installed on a patio or porch as it is moisture sensitive and must be installed in rooms which are climate controlled. This does not mean that there should be air conditioning, merely that the room must be sealed of from the outside elements to ensure that the flooring gives years of pleasure to the home owner.
Being sensitive to moisture does not mean that laminate flooring is not tough, in fact the exact opposite is true. Laminate wooden flooring is spill resistant, scuff resistant and stain resistant and is suitable for installation in a variety of areas, both in the domestic setting and in business premises. However, it is essential that the correct hardness is selected to ensure that the laminate can stand up to the levels of traffic in each area.
Hardness is measured according to the AC measure, which rates abrasion resistance, impact resistance, resistance to staining as well as cigarette burns. AC3 4 and 5 are the best for residential use. AC ratings below 3 are recommended for low traffic residential use only. Always consult your flooring provider before installing laminate wooden floors and be sure to supply as much information about the traffic patterns of the rooms where you will be installing the flooring.
At Mat Floors we’ve had year’s of experience in finding the correctlaminate wood floors for diverse customers. Call us on 011 830 1265 for a free quote and professional advice on what flooring solution will be best for you. We’ll beat any written quote, in fact we’ll subtract another 5% if the flooring materials being used are of the same quality as our imported flooring.
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