Laminated Wooden Flooring

laminate flooring
Laminated Wooden Flooring

Laminated wooden flooring is one of the best choices any homeowner can make when choosing to beautify a home.
Other choices like carpet or tile are boring and humdrum, while laminate wood flooring offers the opportunity to express a unique sense of style in an affordable manner. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles suitable for both home and business use. The buyer can choose from a variety of finishes from Maple to Pine or anything in between. Some imported styles are only limited by the buyers imagination. For instance there are styles which resemble jigsaw puzzle pieces. However your stockist may not carry these lines and arrangements for a special import may be required.
Laminated wooden flooring is also highly durable and in the higher weights is perfect for high traffic areas like reception areas in businesses and playrooms in domestic homes. Your laminate wood floor salesperson will be able to assist you in choosing the correct flooring solution for your individual needs. Be sure to advise him or her regarding the traffic in the areas in which you will be installing the laminate flooring. What is suitable for a child’s room will not wear well when installed in a business premises.
Laminate is stain scratch and scuff resistant, ideal for the family home and in these cash strapped times its welcome news that it is entirely feasible to install laminate flooring as a do it yourself project. Using a fourth generation system, the pieces of laminate flooring simply click together for ease of installation. Prior to installation consult with your laminate flooring advisor about whether foam or rubber underlay is right for you. Rubber is more expensive but is widely recognised for its sound damping properties.
At Mat Floors we’re ready to assist you in finding the correct laminate wood flooring solution for your unique needs. Call us on 011 830 1265 for a free quote. We will beat any written quote, in fact we’ll subtract another 5% if the flooring materials being used are of the same quality as our imported flooring.
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