Noiseless Wooden Flooring

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Noiseless Wooden Flooring

There are several ways of minimizing the amount of noise that is created by or on wooden flooring.
There are several ways of minimizing the amount of noise that is created by or on wooden flooring, but to make such a floor completely noiseless is nigh impossible. If a laminated floor is installed directly on top of a hard surface such as concrete, tiles or even wooden floor boards, any noise created by walking on the laminate will be exaggerated and amplified by the substrate. The secret of noiseless wooden flooring then is the substrate, which can be one of several materials designed to mute or deaden any sounds or vibrations originating in the laminate. The materials that are most commonly used as a substrate to deaden noise are:

  • Foam rubber
  • Rubber
  • Cork
  • Expanded polystyrene – not recommended due to its tendency to deform under pressure

A substrate is usually laid down on the hard sub-surface (such as concrete) as a sheet before installing the laminate above it. However there are now several makes of laminate that have a 2.5mm layer of cork laminated to the sub-surface of the laminate. The effect of any good underlay is to render the wooden flooring noiseless. This is something that you should enquire about when you make your enquiry about having such a floor installed. Installing noiseless wooden flooring starts with using the correct flooring and underlay products from Mat Floors. You may contact one of our representatives at any time to discuss any queries you have about installing a laminated floor in your home. Our number is 011 830 1265.

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