Laminate Wooden Flooring

laminate flooring
Laminate Wooden Flooring

Reasons Why Laminate Wooden Flooring Is So Popular
There are many reasons why laminate wooden flooring is so sought after and popular on the South African market. Of course price plays an important role with any product’s popularity, but with Mat Floors, its way more than that. Of course we all want the interior of our homes to look modern, elegant and warm and this is exactly the type of aesthetic appeal that you can expect from laminate wooden flooring. What’s more is that laminate flooring is created with an outer decorative photographic layer which is usually available in a variety of real wood finishes. This means that laminate flooring is the best option for those seeking out a real wooden floor, but simply cannot afford the usual costs involved in obtaining and installing one. Laminate wooden flooring is able to look just like a real wooden floor – in most situations no one can actually tell the difference between the two.
Laminate wooden flooring is provided with both an installation warranty of one year and a 15 year surface wear and tear warranty. This should provide clients with absolute peace of mind that their new flooring is absolutely durable and designed to last. Laminate floors provided and installed by professional companies such as Mat Floors, will be of the 4th generation click system variety. This means that each panel is designed to click into the next at 30 degrees. This click system ensures that this type of flooring is very quickly and easily installed.
Laminate flooring has other attributes making is such a popular choice. These include their water resistance, scratch and scuff resistance and the fact that they have underlay’s installed to cushion and quieten walking. Laminate flooring is absolutely comfortable to walk on.
If you are looking for laminate wooden flooring for installation in your home take your time to contact Mat Floors and discuss their range and services with them.

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